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About Cocoburn

Cocoburn is headquartered in the United States with dedicated manufacturing operations in Indonesia, the heart of abundant coconut production. We specialize in crafting premium coconut hookah charcoal using sustainable practices that prioritize environmental responsibility and product quality.


Our Commitment

Cocoburn stands for reliability, quality, and customer satisfaction. We produce charcoal that burns cleaner and longer, supported by our commitment to transparency and exceptional service.


Our Coal

Low Ash

Ash residue <2% provides longer and more stable heat.

Precise Quality control

Moisture content is 1.8%. Gives a lot of heat, burns for a long time at 600°C.

Precise Quality control

Each batch is tested for to ensure consistent performance and superior quality.

Product Lines


Cubes 25 mm

Pieces per pack: 72
Weight: 1 kilo
Dimensions: 25x25x25 mm


Cubes 26 mm

Pieces per pack: 64
Weight: 1kilo
Dimensions: 26x26x26 mm

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