Best Hookah Coals in 2023: Your Ultimate Guide

You don't want to make a careless decision when buying hookah coals for a great smoking experience. Cocoburn has you covered!

We have done all the research on finding good quality coals that will give you an optimal and enjoyable experience, from ash content to heat retention.

Natural hookah charcoals come in various shapes and sizes, so finding one that's best for you requires some forethought. Adjusting your choice based on your smoking style can impact your shisha's flavor and cloud output.

Each shape serves its unique purpose, and the best choice for you will depend mainly on the setup you are using and your smoking preferences.

By checking out our article below, you can learn more about the various available types and brands that suit your needs!

Here are the best hookah coal this year: 

Best Hookah Coals Overall: Cocoburn Natural Hookah Coal

Best Budget Shisha Coal: Icon Hookah Coals

Best Hookah Coals For Longer Sessions: Cocoburn 26mm Cubes

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